Seafood by the Fireplace
(Steamed and Broiled)

Stuffed Filet of Haddock
- with our own crabmeat stuffing
Red Snapper - with crab and cheese stuffing
Fresh Sea Scallops - with garlic butter & herbs or lemon butter
Haddock Filet - tender and mild, seasoned and broiled
Filet of Haddock Almondine
Filet of Haddock Belevista - steamed, with vegetables & seasonings
Bay Scallops - in bourbon sauce over linguine.
Bay Scallops - in butter and herb sauce over linguine.
Filet of Haddock Parmigiana
Charbroiled Salmon Fillet
Large Shrimp - with our own crabmeat stuffing
Sordfish - charbroiled with seasonings
Alaskan King Crab legs - (one Lb.)
Lobster Tail

Seafood's  (Breaded and Deep Fried)

Beef & Bay Combinations
Coral-n-Corral -(1/2) lobster tail & tenderloin
Alaskan King Crab-n-Sirloin Steak
Swordfish-n-Tenderloin Steak
Haddock -n- Sirloin Steak
Fried Shrimp-n-Sirloin Steak
Broiled Stuffed Shrimp-n-Sirloin