Salad Selections

Grilled Chicken Salad - fireplace salad topped with sliced seasoned grilled chicken breast, cheese, egg & garnish   

Chef's Salad - fireplace tossed salad plus turkey, cheese, bacon, and egg, croutons, onion
Vegetarian Chef's Salad - fireplace tossed salad plus raw broccoli & cauliflower, cheese, egg, croutons, onion
Grilled Salmon Salad - fireplace tossed salad topped with grilled seasoned Salmon, swiss cheese, egg, onion and garnish
Cold Salad Combo - tuna and chicken salad, cottage cheese, fruit, egg slices, tomato wedges, vegetable garnish
Fresh Spinach Salad - w/ raw mushrooms slices, boiled egg, bacon, and croutons.
Whole Tomato - stuffed w/tuna or chicken salad
Cottage Cheese & Pear Salad
Seafood Salad - tossed greens topped w/cold shrimp, crabmeat, Swiss cheese, egg, and garnishes
Soup and Salad - with a Basket of Bread