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Fall Children's Programs

Our IT librarian is scheduling half-hour sessions for patrons who need help with their hand-held Apple products (Kindle coming in the future) and laptops. Request a reservation form at the patron desk, complete and submit. These sessions are a trial service during September. Since Elaine usually works on Mondays, she will take requests for September 8, 15 & 22. However, if none are scheduled on any of those dates, call Elaine on a Monday and see if another day is available.



Using ACCESS PA through POWER LIBRARY  (YES, you can download eBooks here!) you can search other Pennsylvania library catalogues as well as various other online resources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries and magazine databases. Just click on POWER LIBRARY on the TPL website Power Library is available to all TPL patrons. You may have to type PL3165 before you enter your library card number.


At least eight best-selling unabridged audio books are delivered monthly to the reserve shelf that is set aside for members of the Audio Club. The TPL audio book plan costs the library about $3,500 annually. Club memberships help support this budget item.

A 2014 AUDIO CLUB membership can be obtained at the desk. Just complete an application form and submit your $30.00 fee. The AUDIO CLUB is open to all library patrons.


Special services for children abound at the Tunkhannock Public Library. The Summer Program schedule provides extensive programming for children. Discovery Kits on different topics of interest to children from pre-school age through 3rd grade are available for patrons to borrow. Special children characters and corresponding materials have also been added to the TPL children's resources. Ask about borrowing an American Girl character and others.


There are ten computers for patron use in the library. Access to the Internet is free; however, you need your library card, as well as a signed "Policy and Rules for Public Access to the Internet" form on file. Patrons under 18 years of age must have on file, a permission form co-signed by a parent. Users are expected to read and follow the policy and rules, a copy of which is found at the main desk.
The library maintains two printers for patron use --- one color inkjet printer and one black (default)laser printer. The cost to print is $.25 (black) and $.50 (color) per printed sheet. [That includes mistakes so seek help if you are inexperienced in this area.]
he library also has wireless access for folks with their own laptop computers! A new wireless password is printed and found on the main desk every Monday. Since all personal computers are set up differently, the library staff cannot act in an electronic troubleshooting capacity.


The Community Room is available to community groups, organizations and businesses. The "Community Room Policy" form must be completed and all areas listed in the rules and agreements must be followed. Although from time to time, not all events are posted online, many can be viewed by accessing the TPL online calendar. Just point and click.


The Tunkhannock Public Library has a growing DVD collection. This option is available to borrowers 18 years of age or older who have read the rules and regulations governing the circulation of videos/DVD's. Three (3) videos may be checked out at a time and all are circulated for one week. You may renew by phone one time. Fines for DVDs returned late are $1.00 per day.


The library provides public access to a copy machine. The cost is $.25 (letter size) and $.35 (legal size) per copied page. The public is also able to FAX documents at the library. We send, but do NOT receive, faxes. The cost to fax is $1.50 per faxed page.


If the item you want is not on our catalog, we may be able to get it on loan from within our District (Lackawanna County Library System - LCLS). When you are looking for items that cannot be found in our library or the LCLS, the ILL staff member can assist you with borrowing these items outside of our District.
Access PA provides information about holdings at libraries throughout Pennsylvania. Patrons can search the Access PA database for items and give any book requests to a TPL staff member for processing.

Who can use the ILL Service?
Any TPL patron in good standing may use the service. This service is a privilege not a right.

How long does it take to get ILL items?
On average, it takes about 7 to 14 days. However, sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks. The library cannot guarantee delivery time, so it is best to plan ahead if you have a deadline.

Does Interlibrary Loan cost anything?
Generally, there is no charge to TPL patrons. Libraries absorb the costs of processing and shipping, which are estimated at about $30.00 per transaction.

Other Important Facts
You may request three ILL materials at a time.
The library will process your requests but cannot hold requests for future processing.

Items borrowed through the our library's ILL Service cannot be renewed and must be picked up AND returned here because that is where the request was made.


A new resource available through our website is the Learning Express Library. It can be accessed both at the library and from home. It is a means for overcoming test-taking anxiety, of raising test scores, and of improving skills. If you have ever tried to prepare for a standardized test, you know how hard it is to get a study book and to make yourself practice the exercises and get comfortable with the format. With Learning Express Library you get free and unlimited access to interactive skill-building courses and a broad range of practice tests based on such exams as the ACT, SAT, GED, ASVAB, Firefighter, Police Officer, Paramedic, Postal Worker, Real Estate Agent & Broker Exams and more. There are 128 in all. Practice tests include instant score reports that help you target those skill areas that need the most attention.


Any resident of Wyoming County may apply (photo identification and proof of current address are required) for a Tunkhannock Public Library card. Students who have completed kindergarten can come, with their parents, and get their own cards. Your first card is free. If that one is lost, you may purchase another for one dollar ($1.00). You must have your card to...

  • use a computer,

  • borrow books, videos and DVD's

  • to place an order for an Interlibrary book on loan.


Through its Outreach Program, the Tunkhannock Public Library delivers books to the five other libraries in the county and to seventeen deposit stations. 


The Tunkhannock Public Library offers many free services that are available to anyone who possesses and carries his/her TPL card. The privilege of having that card comes with responsibilities.  For example, when books, magazines and videos are borrowed or a computer is used others also expect the same privilege. Therefore, the TPL Board of Trustees has adopted policies that dictate appropriate user responsibilities. 

More than 400 people owe fines from overdue or lost materials.  Beginning September 2010, a PATRON ACCOUNT will be RESTRICTED when over $5.00 in fines have been incurred on their or a family member's account!


At the appropriate time of the year the library has an extensive supply of tax forms --- local, state and federal --- available to the public. Just enter the library. The Tax Forms are found in the center of the room near the main desk. The IRS decides what forms to send; others may be downloaded from the internet. Please only take copies for yourself.


Due to increased volume of distance learners asking for TEST PROCTORING SERVICES, Tunkhannock Public Library Board of Directors has decided to charge a fee for the service. Therefore, a charge of $10.00 plus incurred expenses for each testing session will be assessed.


The Tunkhannock Public Library website at http://www.tunkhannock.com/library can keep you informed of activities at, around or sponsored by the library. Our Facebook page provides the most up-to-date information concerning day-to-day activities and announcements pertaining to the library or other local businesses of interest to our patrons. Make our website or our Facebook page your computer's home page!

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